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Mustang Oilfield Services is based in Canonsburg, PA. We offer a variety of oilfield services with competitive rates. IMG_3339We have the experience, knowledge and equipment for your project needs. From the start of your project to the end, our goal is to surpass your expectations.

Mustang has state of the art equipment and the ability to expand quickly to service our customers. Safety is of the utmost importance to us. We schedule effectively and work efficiently to meet the demands of our customers in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.

Our company is at the core of the shale oil and gas industry, supporting companies that drill shale gas wells in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Mustang hauls water and a variety of equipment to well pads, forestalling those drilling companies from running out of water and equipment.

Megan Cook, Director of Marketing, explained precisely what Mustang is all about. “Mustang is an oilfield trucking company. We primarily haul water.” Water plays a pivotal role in Mustang’s daily operations. According to Greg Cook, CEO, one horizontal shale gas well exhausts approximately six million gallons of water in the stages of hydraulic fracturing, a technique used to drill for and release natural gas and oil from subterranean rock deep under the earth’s surface.

Our Latest Expansion into Waynesburg, PA

Headquartered in St. Clairsville, OH and located in the heart of the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays, Mustang Oilfield Services supports companies that drill shale oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Mustang hauls water and a variety of equipment to well pads, averting those drilling companies from running out of water, supplies, and equipment.The Ohio based company offers an array of water amenities, including water acquisitions, fresh water and residual waste hauling, and water transfer services. In addition to water, Mustang hauls equipment, rig mats, containment fixtures, frac tanks, pumps, drill rigs, pipes, pumps, and super sacks of pellets and wood chips. “We can haul just about anything an operator needs on a pad for operation,” relayed Megan Cook, Director of Marketing, Mustang Oilfield Services.

Founded in August 2013, Mustang has rapidly grown in a short time. The company has consistently increased their fleet. Not only has Mustang been building their fleet of trucks, but also their workforce. The company has now expanded to around 60 employees.

Their most recent addition has been the opening of a yard in Waynesburg, PA, which services Washington and Greene Counties in Pennsylvania. Cook explained, “Mustang has had a presence in Waynesburg since acquiring assets from another service company, which was based in Greene County. With the consistent growing workload, we decided it was time to put down roots and set up an office and yard in Waynesburg. As our customer list grows, we need to stay competitive logistically with our equipment. This new yard allows us to continue to provide service in a timely manner.”

mustang2The Waynesburg service yard officially opened in October 2014 and allows Mustang to have a field office for their employees to dispatch trucks, finish paperwork, and participate in safety training. Cook added, “Our Waynesburg yard has a 24-hour on call Yard Manager. We have hired eight local Waynesburg drivers and are looking to fill more driver spots.”

Cook also credits two of Mustang’s vendors, Do It Safe Supply and Frac Water Resources, for helping their Waynesburg service yard procure set up and continue running. Do It Safe Supply offers safety products for personal, such as flame resistant (FR) clothing and gloves, along with safety tools and equipment. “It is crucial for employees to be equipped with the right equipment on the jobsite. The right equipment not only keeps them safe on job site, but also keeps the company within compliance,” relayed Melissa King, President, Do It Safe Supply.

Marshall Fife, Vice President, Do It Safe Supply, added, “Do It Safe Supply is a local, family owned and operated business. We take pride in our day-to-day operations and getting workers back safely to their families. We don’t want to sell anything that we wouldn’t want to wear ourselves. The products we sell, such as LAPCO FR, are excellent quality, last long, and perform in the field. We could quickly get a better product for a better price.” Cooks says Do It Safe Supply was available 24/7 to assist Mustang in obtaining all the proper safety gear for completing the Waynesburg satellite yard set-up.

Frac Water Resources provides a water withdrawal location from the Monongahela River. Cook added that Frac Water Resources was also very cooperative in involving Mustang with the community. “Frac Water Resources has positioned itself to be an integral part of the drilling infrastructure in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We have enjoyed the relationships that have been fostered with companies, such as Mustang Oilfield Services, a first-class company. I respect the work and services provided by Mustang Oilfield Services. Describing our affiliation to someone, Megan once said, “Frac Water Resources provides the water and Mustang pushes it,”” expressed Lue Ann Pawlick, Owner, Frac Water Resources.


“With operating facilities in eastern Ohio and southwestern Pennsylvania, we have positioned ourselves to provide solutions to our customers through a variety of trucking services, competitive rates, and timely responses,” expressed Cook. Mustang’s plans for expansion look to continue in 2015.

In recent years, Mustang Oilfield Services has proven their expansion ability with equipment and personal. Most recently that has also evolved into locational space. This expansion trend looks to continue for Mustang in 2015.

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