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Mustang: Good Stewards Through Efficient Expansion

By: Kristie Kubovic, Director of Communications, Shale Media Group

Mustang Oilfield Services is located in the heart of the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays and Untitledservices companies that drill shale oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Mustang hauls water and a variety of equipment to well pads, deterring those drilling companies from running out of water, supplies, and equipment.

Mustang Oilfield Services offers a wide array of oilfield trucking services such as the water truck division, which delivers water, drill mud, and other forms of liquids; and the flatbed division, which hauls drill pipe, casing, production equipment, and a variety of other supplies, equipment, and tools. Mustang’s customer list includes major energy companies in the region, and is also comprised of a long list of other service companies who reach out to Mustang to deliver their equipment and supplies in an efficient way.

Untitled2Megan Cook, Director of Marketing, Mustang Oilfield Services, relayed, “Mustang’s flatbed division grew tremendously in 2015. With some of our tractors having winch capabilities and a group of highly trained winch operators, we are able to perform a wider array of hauling than some of our competitors. During one month alone, our five tractors were contracted for 92 shifts. This year, Mustang will continue to provide excellent service and pricing for our customers.”

Increasing their fleet of trucks and their workforce, Mustang has grown rapidly in recent years. The most recent addition to the company is four brand new water trucks. “These water trucks are 130 barrel trucks. They haul as much water as a tractor trailer freight truck. They are the biggest water trucks that you can purchase right now, which allows Mustang to haul more water with fewer trucks,” explained Greg Cook, CEO, Mustang Oilfield Services.

Untitled3This move to the larger capacity trucks allows Mustang to be not only more efficient, but also offer good stewardship. Greg Cook relayed, “Purchasing these new water trucks allows our company to be a better neighbor to the residents of the areas that we are operating by, since hauling more water with the trucks equates to taking fewer trips with those trucks.” This also helps with wear and tear on area roadways.

Additionally, the efficiency of upgrading also improves business efficiency. Megan Cook expressed, “The current state of the economy is another reason that these trucks make sense right now. One less truck or trip on the road saves operators money. We’re in an economy were every penny counts; and we have positioned ourselves to provide solutions to our customers through a variety of trucking services, competitive rates, and timely responses.”

Mustang’s efficiency has allowed the company to remain competitive in a tough market. Greg Cook says, “We’re picking up business and still going strong.” Mustang Oilfield Services was founded in August 2013 and is headquartered in Canonsburg, PA. For more on the company, check out their website at http://mustang.flywheelsites.com/ or call 724-743-3932.

Shale Media Group (SMG) is the news, information, and education resource dedicated to the shale oil and gas industries by messaging across video, Internet, publications, events, and radio. For more, check out ShaleMediaGroup.com to access all platforms. Kristie Kubovic is the Director of Communications at Shale Media Group. Contact her at Kristie@ShaleMediaGroup.com.

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